T2186A 101 Piece 1/4” Drive Ratchet Screwdriver Kit
T2187A 8 Piece Mini Phillips / Flat Blade Screwdriver Set
T2188 6 Piece Mini 1000V Driver Set
T2189A Precision Ratchet Driver Set
T2191A Stubby Ratchet Driver Kit
T2194 6 Piece 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set
T2194A 8 Piece Insulated 1000V Screwdriver Set
T2195 6 Piece Small Screwdriver Set
T2198B 11 Piece Large Screwdriver Set
T2200 6 Piece Jewellers Screwdriver Set
T2215 7 Piece Allen Key Set
T2216 9 Piece Ball Drive Allen Key Set
T2245 Metal Dial Vernier Calipers
T2247A Digital LCD Metal Vernier Calipers
T2272 225mm Adjustable Long Nose Locking Pliers
T2280 Folding 17 in 1 Multi Tool
T2282 12 in 1 Pocket Hero Steel Folding Multitool Kit
T2284 9 in 1 Stainless Steel Folding Multitool Kit
T2305 3mm ( 1.8
T2312A 140mm ( 5.5
T2313A 140mm ( 5.5
T2314A 40-300mm Adjustable Holesaw Cutter
T2315 Blade to Suit T2314
T2315A Blade to Suit T2314

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