T2092 1mm Round Tip to Suit T 2090
T2093 2mm Chisel Tip to Suit T 2090
T2094 3mm Hoof Tip to Suit T 2090
T2100 8 Piece folding star key set
T2120 172 Piece 130W Rotary Tool Kit
T2152 19 Piece Tool Set
T2162 Micron Soldering Iron Starter Kit
T2163 20 Piece Electronic Tool Kit With Soldering Iron
T2164 28 Piece Smartphone / Tablet Service Kit
T2166 Precision 10pc Spanner Set 4-11mm
T2167 16 in 1 High Torque Ratchet Screwdriver Set
T2168 40 Piece Ratchet Driver Set
T2169 17 Piece Mini Ratchet Driver Kit
T2170 25 Piece Tool Set
T2171 22 Piece Mini Ratchet Driver Kit
T2172 129 Piece Home Tool Kit
T2173 30 Piece Micro Precision Driver Kit
T2174 Crimptool Ratchet Coaxial Universal Kit
T2175 9 Piece Insulated Tool Kit
T2175A 9 Piece 1000V Rated Insulated Tool Kit
T2177 Crimptool Ratchet Multi-Connector Universal Kit
T2178 10 Jaw Magnetic Ratchet Universal Crimptool Kit
T2179A Hex Bit Driver Handle

All prices include GST